Mind Crush

       As you sit in the same classroom with the same kids for 12 years, in theory that become your good friends and you do everything together. But just because you’re with all these people, why do we still feel alone? Being around thousands of kids at the same school yet feeling alone is the only word that comes to mind.Nobody seems to help with all the hopeless opinions stated upon you. reality kicks in and just no one cares about what you are or who you are. The truth creeps out and everyone is selfish and nobody seems to care but yourself. These so called ”friends” tell you the future is dire and always keep in contact, that friendship is the most important thing to them. As time goes on we all grow up, some growing more than others. When the burning acid stops coming and the place in which you consume disappears, for some reason these friends do too. All the words crumble in your mind, and you are left with no one, you are alone. We have this hope in life that everything will be okay. Life will change and everything will get better. But what if it doesn’t, what if you get older, the 8 hour long day shifts just get longer. Everyone you see  everyday, you just see them that’s it. It’s school all over again. The feeling of being alone rushes back into your mind. Or maybe feeling alone is normal, and I just don’t want to be normal then.